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Have you ever been sick on an airplane, at a motel, or even as a guest at someone else’s house?

Dorothy wasn’t kidding! Home is where the heart is. This becomes crystal clear when we’re sick or injured.

While treatment at a hospital may be the only choice to improve our health or save our lives for certain conditions, hospitals can be uncomfortable. Those with the unfortunate experience of spending time in a hospital bed can genuinely agree with that. No matter how kind and helpful the nurses are, hospitals are not home.

For those with complex or chronic illnesses to manage, trips to the doctor’s office, ER, and hospital might be frequent. You may find even more trips back and forth when you add aging and health problems.

On-Call Nurses at Senior Living

Aspire Clinical Intelligence is offering on-call nursing services in senior living communities to help residents receive medical oversight without having to leave home. When a full-time nurse leaves the community for the day, their on-call nurse can provide wrap-around coverage.

Having coverage even after the full-time nurse leaves their shift helps to ensure that every medical concern does not result in an ambulance ride to the emergency room, potentially reducing unnecessary hospitalizations for observation. It also helps full-time nurses to have peace of mind that residents are safe when they’re not on-site.

The on-call nurses are there to talk to staff to determine if further care is needed more urgently or if they can wait for follow-up the next day. Safety is always first. Residents are never steered away from emergency care if they genuinely need it or want it, but this access to on-call nursing staff allows them to have the oversight they need and stay in place for non-emergent concerns.

Documentation is completed for each call to address questions or report changes in a resident’s health. The details of each call become part of the resident’s health record. The records are available to anyone on the resident’s clinical team, including off-site medical providers or specialists. Medical notes can be shared at the click of a button to avoid important information being unreported.

Having on-call nursing support can help your residents experience a better quality of life. The better the health and well-being of senior living residents, the more satisfaction they have during their golden years, when life can hand anyone a curveball.

Common Health Conditions Addressed:

A6 on-call nurses can help with the following non-life-threatening issues:

Physical & Cognitive Concerns or Questions:
  • Injuries
  • Falls (all falls, including those without injuries)
  • Behaviors (new or worsening)
  • Excessive vomiting or diarrhea
  • Skin breakdown, rashes, or wounds
  • Changes in condition that are new or severe
Medication Issues:
Oxygen/Cath/Wound Care Supplies & Equipment Needs:
  • New orders (oxygen, catheter, wheelchair/walker)
  • Refill needs

When you choose A6 on-call in your senior living community, you choose added safety and comfort. Not only do the full-time nurses receive a break, but they also have a backup plan that keeps residents protected and staff informed. If you’d like to learn more about how A6 can help your organization and help stabilize your building census, please email us at info@aspireci.com.

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