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Take Time to Keep Your Heart Happy!

February is all about the hearts. It’s not just the month for Valentine’s Day; it’s also American Heart Month. It’s a great time to share all we can about heart…

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Getting to Know Patients from Afar

The benefit of technology coupled with nursing services around the clock creates a harmonious balance to help residents in place. When they don’t have to leave home for medical consultation…

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There’s No Place Like Home

Have you ever been sick on an airplane, at a motel, or even as a guest at someone else’s house? Dorothy wasn’t kidding! Home is where the heart is. This…

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I Wish I Could Do More Charting

There’s a great chance that a nurse has never said, “I wish I could do more charting!” Documentation is, however, necessary for every successful nurse’s daily agenda; there’s no way…

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Helpful Prevention and Care of UTIs

With the long-anticipated summer knocking at the door, it’s good to be aware of some of the not-so-friendly things that can arise. While mosquitoes might come to mind, let’s discuss…

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Celebrating Medication Safety Week

Did you know that 750 older Americans are hospitalized daily because of severe side effects from their medications? That figure has been provided by the Lown Institute. Having a good…

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10 Tips for Aging Well

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “You’re only as old as you feel.” If you’re feeling beyond your years, it may be a good time to reassess your habits. Have you…

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Restoring Work-Life Balance for Nurses in Senior Living

Turnover and burnout continue to catastrophically impact the healthcare industry as a whole. 1.7 million workers have left their healthcare jobs in the last year, according to Forbes. Every profession…

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Medication Reduction May Improve Health Outcomes for Seniors

Polypharmacy in the United States amongst geriatric healthcare recipients, and its adverse outcomes, have been well researched. The most common negative effects include falls, cognitive impairment, costly emergency room visits,…

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female clinician with a female senior reviewing a tablet

The Improvement Of Patient Care Through Technology

Technology continues to progress, and provides hope for the future of healthcare as an industry. From timely communication to faster treatment times, technology is helping to improve the entire healthcare…

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