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There’s a great chance that a nurse has never said, “I wish I could do more charting!” Documentation is, however, necessary for every successful nurse’s daily agenda; there’s no way around it. What if a workflow process could streamline communication to reduce the amount of charting included in a nurse’s day-to-day routine and still get the job done? But what if, along with reduced charting, there was some relief from working double shifts, nights, and weekends?

Aspire Clinical Intelligence has created such solutions for those working in senior living. Through its intelligent software and A6 Clinical Services, Aspire is making strides in efficiency for staff and enhanced comfort for residents.

Aspire’s Dynamic Health Record is their state-of-the-art software that helps nurses easily chart and communicate health information without repetition. Charting notes are quickly and easily shared with anyone on the patient’s team who requires the information. This can include primary medical staff, community nurses, hospice team members, social workers, pharmacy staff, or even healthcare agents if needed. Healthcare information, when efficiently shared, helps staff remain informed and patients to receive timely medical interventions.

Reducing Nursing Shortages

When nurses run short, overtime can be necessary. Those pulling double shifts or living under the stress of frequent overtime can be at increased odds of developing an illness. Caring for the sick can sometimes, in turn, make us ill or even injured. Lifting, bending, and stretching can subject nurses to spine, knee, foot, and other injuries. Healing takes time. Remotely staffing a community with on-call nurses at night and on weekends can provide full-time nurses with much-needed breaks to reduce illnesses, or provide time to heal.

Aspire’s A6 Clinical program offers a registered nurse to address needs overnight and on the weekends. Each of Aspire’s nurses works remotely, providing telephone support to residential staff while the full-time community’s registered nurse is away. Off-site, they can use the Dynamic Health Record to work with each community’s staff to evaluate patient needs and answer health and safety questions. These combined services can not only help offer interventions quickly, but they can also help to prevent unnecessary emergency room visits for needs that can safely be met on site. When communication is streamlined, balance for staff and wellness for residents can be achieved, but that’s not all Aspire’s services can provide…

Providing Cost-Effective Support

When nursing shortages occur, two practical options exist to meet the need: 1, using a traveling service or 2, paying out overtime. Help is help when needed, but these services can come with a significant cost. Aspire’s on-call services are scheduled in advance and paid for by the hour to avoid this unpredictable pricing variability.

Offering Convenient Care

Injuries, accidents, and medical questions don’t arrive on schedule, but we’re here to bridge the gaps. A6 Clinical services are offered 7 pm – 7 am Monday through Friday and 24 hours/day on Saturdays and Sundays, allowing residents and nursing staff peace of mind any day and any time. On-call services and intelligent software can’t ever replace the hard-working nurses we are so lucky to have, but they can offer some much-needed relief to keep them going strong.

If you want to learn how A6 Clinical can help your team, please email us at info@aspireci.com.

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