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While technology will never entirely replace the kind and intuitive hands of nurses, it is making great strides as a way to support those who work and live in senior living communities. Nurses are amazing, but there are never enough to meet the high demand. Accidents, medical emergencies, and questions don’t follow a schedule, but nurses need downtime, too. One effective solution is using technology that allows on-call nurses to help.

Through Aspire Clinical Intelligence’s A6 on-call program, nurses stationed across the United States can access resident health information at the click of a button to help senior living staff by phone. Specialized software lets them get acquainted with each resident’s health—without being present in the same building!

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Getting Acquainted

While on-call nursing support might sound impersonal, it’s quite individualized—it’s not a robot or artificial technology responding. With the help of specialized software called the Dynamic Health Record, designed by Aspire Clinical Intelligence, nurses answering incoming calls can learn a lot about residents they’ve never met very quickly.

The health records used by on-call nurses are securely protected to make them safe to access off-site. It highlights current and historical health information such as notes from clinic and hospital visits, diagnoses, history of accidents or adverse health events, and prior surgeries. The software also contains current vital information and up-to-date lists of medications along with any possible side effects with the click of a button. The documentation from each call is saved, reducing the charting time for nurses returning to their shifts.

Better Health Means Happier Residents

Regardless of where we call home, enjoying life is hard when we’re sick or injured. Most of us want to be comfortable and in a peaceful, quiet setting until we feel better, but frequently, being alone and battling illnesses or injuries doesn’t provide an excellent quality of life.

The benefit of technology coupled with nursing services around the clock creates a harmonious balance to help residents in place. When they don’t have to leave home for medical consultation frequently, residents can enjoy the comfort of their home along with the amenities and social opportunities a senior living community has to offer. This wrap-around nursing approach can help residents return to their baseline and sometimes even improve to achieve more independence.

Benefits of On-Call Support

  • It’s quick and easy
  • It reduces wait times and improves communication
  • It’s more cost-effective than using traveling nurses
  • It allows residents to remain at home
  • It helps nurses achieve work-life balance
  • It reduces a resident’s exposure to sickness and germs at the hospital

After using A6 On-Call, you may hear words from nurses that we haven’t heard in years, “We’re fully staffed.” If you’d like to learn how your community could benefit from on-call nursing support and this intuitive software, please contact Aspire Clinical Intelligence at info@aspireci.com. We’d love to walk you through our services to improve the health and happiness of residents in your community!

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