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Aspire Clinical Intelligence is a web-based software company committed to improving health outcomes for seniors.

Aspire has worked collaboratively with investment partners and a dedicated team of senior living, healthcare, software and data analysis professionals to develop a software intended to streamline communication among healthcare professionals.

Our software uses electronic medical records to collect patient data onto a dashboard called the Effective Health Record. It allows users to identify and track common health conditions and changes in senior health, mobility and cognition. The Effective Health Record will include real-time data on vital signs, falls, infections, wounds, cognitive tests, weight changes, sleep patterns, glucose patterns, injuries, surgeries and hospitalizations, as well as overall diagnoses.

Our goal for this software is to use historical health information, current symptoms and lifestyle trends to identify projected health and safety risks for seniors. Once the risks are identified on the dashboard, users can then make recommendations and offer clinical interventions to improve resident outcomes.

Currently, our software is being utilized by healthcare staff at the Alexandria, MN Edgewood Assisted Living Community to monitor fall events and health information for all newly admitted residents.

Aspire’s software works not only to minimize risk and reduce delays to treatment of illnesses and injuries, but in the long term, it could allow seniors to live with more independence by taking a proactive approach to their healthcare.

Our efficient approach to healthcare communication could also result in cost savings for its users and insurance providers, as we project it will reduce the frequency of emergency medical care services and hospitalizations, and potentially reduce the need for rehabilitation stays at skilled nursing facilities.

Healthcare professionals from both Edgewood Healthcare and Legacy Medical will begin using our software in 2022 to help seniors residing in a number of Edgewood senior living communities, where they will have access to on-site visits from a variety of healthcare specialists. It is through this partnership with Edgewood Healthcare and Legacy Medical that Aspire’s Effective Health Record care and treatment recommendations can be put into practice. The Effective Health Record is projected to be fully operational and available for purchase from Aspire Clinical Intelligence in 2023.

Be sure to visit our site at aspireclinicalintelligence.com for future resources as we continue to release information on our software.

If you have questions, please connect with us at info@aspireci.com.

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